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Tampa Bay Shark Fishing

The best time to shark fish is in the summer. The hotter it is the better fishing is. The warmer the water, the further up in the bay the sharks move. The biggest factor about Shark fishing is tide. You need a really good moving tide, incoming or outgoing is not a factor, just moving. The biggest reason is when you are Shark fishing you put a chum block in the water letting the tide carry the chum out in the bay creating a chum slick. Tampa bay is the 3rd most Shark infested water recorded, so if you get a good flowing tide during the summer you are almost guaranteed to catch a few sharks. There are over 100 species of Sharks but the most common in Tampa bay are Black tip, Spinners, Nurse sharks, Sand sharks, Hammer heads, and Bull Sharks.

Even though some of the Sharks are very large it is all light tackle fishing. We are usually fishing with 25-35 lb test fishing line on a spinning rod with a reel. As far as tackle goes we are rig up metal leaders with a 5/0 hook. For bait we will usually go catch some Trout, Mackerel, or Mullet. Its also important to catch the bait the day of so that it is good and fresh. It also breaks the day up a little because we usually go fishing for what is biting, which we then use as the bait for shark fishing.

After we catch our bait we move out to one of my shark holes in the bay where the bait usually hangs around. This is important because the bait draws the Sharks in. We will put a chum block in the water then cut up some of the bait that we caught earlier that day and wait for the big ones to come along.

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