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Tampa Bay winter time shark action!

Report Date: February 8, 2011

Sharks bite in the winter! Normally, you donít here me talking much about shark fishing during wintertime, but as I found out last week, you can catch shark in the winter.

Sharks are fun to catch because we use really light tackle and they put up such a great fight. Sharks are a fish that you sight fish for, which makes it just that much more fun.

Redfish are showing up in the Bay due to the increased water temperature. Just look for mullet.

Where there is mullet, there is redfish. The mullet really like to hang with the redfish, and usually, you can catch them when they are together. Otherwise you need to be way up river to catch redfish. The water has been so clear lately that the fish can see you coming from a long way away. You either have to fish on really low water, fish where there is a bunch of mullet moving around so the redfish wonít spook as easy, or in areas where you canít see bottom.

Trout have been hit or miss lately. You either catch them on every throw or you have to move around a lot to find the bite. Although trout fishing has been a challenge, we have managed to catch a mess of them each trip.

Wintertime fishing with shrimp and jigs is fun, but Iím ready for some spring fishing. Iím ready for some tarpon and snook action. Fortunately, spring will be here before we know it, so donít waitÖ visit www.castawaychartersinc.com and book your trip today. Donít forget to check us out on Face book!

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