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The fishing in Tampa Bay has been worth the cold boat ride!

Report Date: January 18, 2011

Spring canít get here soon enough! However, Mother Nature occasionally blesses us with warm days that feel like a sunny-spring day.

The fish definitely notice the changes in temperature and react to it. The fish feed like crazy on warmer days. A bait hits the water and wha BamÖa fish has it in his mouth. Even though it is cold, fishing has been pretty darn good. It is definitely cold moving from spot to spot, but catching fish like we have been is definitely worth a cold boat ride.

Unfortunately, I think that we are stuck with cold weather for awhile, but so far, this winter hasnít been as bad as last yearís winter. As long as the weather doesnít plummet for a long period of time we will continue to catch some great fish.

Iím up for a bit of

a change so next week Iím going to try some shark fishing around the power plant. Sharks are catch able when itís cold; you just have to fish in the right spots. Hopefully, next week I will have a good shark report! Until then, we will continue filling our coolers with redfish, sheepshead, drum, and trout. Catching and releasing also makes for a great day of fishing. Please visit www.castawaychartersinc.com today and book your fishing trip today!

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