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Report Date: March 29, 2010

Is the tide coming in or out? How hard is the wind blowing? What is the water temperature? These are all questions a fisherman has to ask himself before venturing out on the water to catch fish. It is great to have a plan before you launch your boat, but keep in mind, there are some days that you just can’t stick to your well laid out plan.

Regardless of your plan, everyday on the water can be a great day if you learn to work in harmony with Mother Nature.

Despite the high wind and low water temperature, we were able to catch some great redfish last week. The bigger schools of redfish are starting to show up on the flats, but these fish can be hard to catch at times. The clarity of the water and the water temperature on the flats makes it difficult to get to the fish. In order to get to these fish and get them to bite, you have to be very quiet and very patient.

We did have several good tide and water temperature days last week where the fish have had no choice but to bite. Hang in there; more of those days are coming soon!

The trout bite is on! Trout love the current water temperature and are biting well. Mostly, we’ve been catching trout on jigs. With jigs, you can cover more water. You can also find the fish, anchor up, and see if they will eat shrimp. Please visit www.castawaychartersinc.com and book your trip today!

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