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Report Date: March 24, 2010

Although spring is just around the corner, we’re just going to have to keep filling the boat with redfish and sheepshead for now. One of the great things about fishing this time of the year is that you can fill your cooler with keeper fish because the limits on what you can keep are higher. Also, fishing this time of year gives you a chance to practice bending the rod for a head start on the up and coming fishing season.

If you like

fishing with artificial lures, it’s a good time to do it. We have managed to catch a number of snook and redfish in the river on different artificial lures. Although we didn’t get any of the big fish back to the boat, we broke-off a couple. We did have a few nice red fish that were roughly 20 inches to 24 inches. Most of the snook that we caught were about the same size – 20 inches to 24 inches. Until you get a chance to spend time fishing in the river, you can’t believe how much water there really is and how pretty “old Florida” is. There are many small creeks, but there are also big ones.

We’ve been fishing for redfish, sheepshead, trout, and some other species around the beaches. Because these fish are crustacean eaters most of them are found around structure. Therefore, fishing around rocks, docks, and any other structure is where you will find most them. As the saying goes, you will certainly want to match the hatch. The best fishing has been done with crabs, shrimp, etc… This type

of fishing has been allowing us to catch a big number of fish for fun and to fill our coolers for dinner. Although sheepsheads are awesome to eat, they aren’t any fun to clean. When you go fishing with me I will clean the fish for you. That’s just one of the many reasons you should book a trip today. Please visit www.castawaychartersinc.com and book a trip today!

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