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Report Date: January 24, 2010

Whew, I think the cold weather is about over and we are steadily on our way to spring. I welcome the warmer weather, and Im sure the fish do too. We are going to see many changes in fishing over the next month. We will probably have to venture out of our comfort zone and fish areas that we havent fished before because of the cold weather. Many fish traveled up in the rivers to get out of cold water into warmer water. Im predicting that this month is going to bring some of the best fishing in the rivers than weve had in the past few years. Bring it on!

We caught a number of nice redfish last week with a little effort. We fished with jigs and did a lot of moving around to catch them, but hey we caught them. This time of year, drifting is a great way to catch fish. Heres what you do Get set up on the flat or the shore line and let the boat drift across the area where you want to fish. Drifting cuts down on the noise and covers a lot of water.

The water temperature has risen in the bay, and weve caught a lot of nice fish around structure. While fishing with shrimp, weve managed to catch sheepshead, flounder, and some redfish. As we get closer to spring, this type of fishing is going to get better. Like Ive said numerous times, the water temperature needs to be above 51 degrees to catch much of anything. Once it gets above 62 degrees, we can fish with live shiners again. Please visit www.castawaychartersinc.com and book your trip today!

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