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Tournament Wining Tarpon That Got Away!

Report Date: May 28, 2009

Oh, the one that got away! Well, take a look at the picture. That is the one that got away from us during the first tournament of the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series in Boca Grande, FL. It sure was awesome to have this fish on the line, even if she did get away in the end. Last week the tarpon bite in Boca Grande was insane.

There was one fish landed every three minutes of the three hour tournament. Seventy fish were landed, and of those 70 fish, 15 were weighed. The average weight of the ones weighed was142 lbs. It was absolutely poon crazy!

We have caught some great redfish lately. Most of the fish have been in the slot, ranging in size from 18 inches to 27 inches. Every once in a while, there was a

bull redfish mixed in with the slot sized fish. Take a look at the picture. That was a great fish, which put up a great fight.

When the redfish bite was a bit slow, we were able to make up for it with snook. Lately, if you can find snook in the right area at just the right time, you can’t keep them off of your line. There are many snook around, but if don’t fish them on just

the right tide; it is near impossible to catch them. Some fish like an incoming tide and others like outgoing tides. We did manage to catch a few nice fish last week, but we also had some huge fish get away.

If you put a little time into trout fishing, you will catch some big ones. Because the trout are moving around a lot, we’ve been catching large quantities of them, but have had to work hard to catch the big ones. We’ve caught a few fish for dinner almost each trip.

Sharks are beginning to show up, and over the next few weeks, the number of them around should just keep increasing. Most of the sharks we have been catching have been while we were trout or tarpon fishing, and a shark grabbed the bait. Please visit www.castawaychartersinc.com and book your trip today.

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