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Tmapa Bay Not To Cold On The Water!

Report Date: March 4, 2009

Although Florida weather continues to be unpredictable, it

really hasnít affected Florida fishing. Overall, fishing has been great lately. The location of the bite tends to vary each day, but the important part is that we have found a good bite and caught some great fish everyday. Many fish are appearing in the bay due to the warmer temperatures that come along with the spring season. Mother nature has thrown us a couple of unexpected cold

fronts, but they havenít moved the fish very far or shut them down for very long.

More and More redfish are starting to show up in the bay, but they are still somewhat difficult to catch because of the cool water temperature.

Most of the redfish weíve caught lately have been mixed in with snook or trout. When the water temperature gets above 67 degrees or 68 degrees, the redfish will bite on live bait. One problem with catching redfish is that sometimes they are in real shallow water, and sometimes that water is to shallow for a boat to float in. When the water temperature got up to where it needed to be last week, we got on a few great redfish bites.

We might have had some trouble catching redfish, but that hasnít been the case with snook. Snook have been going crazy! The size and the numbers of these fish have been great. It appears that

we might have one of the best springs yet. We changed it up a bit the past few weeks and did some fly fishing. We had great success with snook, which are back in season.

Much like the snook, the trout have been on fire as well. We havenít had any trouble catching a great number of trout to take home, thatís for sure. So far, this season has been really impressive for trout. The sizes of the fish, along with the numbers of fish have been great. Fishing will just continue to get better as it continues to warm up so visit www.castawaychartersinc.com and book your trip today!

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